If your dream is to be the discoverer of the new faces that will be uploaded to the most recognized catwalks, be the arm on which the top models are supported when they are accompanied to significant events and make marketing an art, read on to know in depth the requirements and virtues that will lead you to be a great booker.


That which is born or not born. Or so they say. So that we understand, it would be something like the ability to detect beauty above the common beauty, a charm, physical elegance (although when the model opens disassemble mouth a myth).


You will need to retain information at the speed of the lightning of conversations that you will have in the same day with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, other bookers, models, travel agents, directors of castings, apartment owners, the names of the models (yes, those names Easy type: Anna Vinkiskaya, Inga Chofrovistova or Lora do Carmo Santos Oliveira)…

Ah! And don’t forget the order of your obligations. For this, it is best to get a notebook, write down and later cross out. A notebook is always a good gift to make a booker happy. Take note, models-you-want-to-have-happy-to-your-bookers and stop bringing them sweets typical of your countries of origin that, although they are not in front of a camera as you, bookers work in fashion, and in fashion, Thinness is a plus. Look where you look.


Usually. For the sake of humanity. Also so that the shift model does not continue calling 500 times a day to find out if the option of the German catalog for which they will be paid the equivalent of ten months of salary (from the common of mortals), remains on (that is, it is in force ). Or so that a client never knows that the model he wanted to hire is now triggering the competition campaign.


This time not to capture the so-called new faces at the McDonalds on duty in which every aspiring Kate Moss says they have been discovered, but for something more important:  to perform the clipping, or what is the same, the work they do the aspiring future bookers -something as well as the booking fellows-, to collect the images in which models represented by the agency appear in any paper or digital magazine.


It is not enough that you like fashion, go shopping, and accumulate bags. Only if you like a business, to run professional careers, negotiate rates or take care of little people, and you have the ability to lose your nerve to rebuild them in a minute, you can deserve to be in an agency.

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